From Wikipedia, Wanderlust:

Etymology: German, from wandern to wander + Lust desire, pleasure. Date: 1875
Placing the two words together translates to “to enjoy hiking”, although is commonly described as an enjoyment of strolling or wandering.

In German the term has become somewhat obsolete. A more contemporary equivalent for the English wanderlust in the sense of “love of travel” would be Fernweh (literally “an ache for the distance”).

I have been wandering around and over the hills of home, traipsing through the burnished bronze and blond grasses of summer. As well as through the tree lined valleys where my foot steps crush bay, eucalyptus, redwood, madrone, manzanita and sticky monkey flower under foot, releasing childhood memories of Mrs Terwilliger and her wonderful nature walks. She said “This is my country. Wherever I go, I will leave it more beautiful than I found it.” I studied at her knee when I was no more then knee high myself. She totally changed my world and the way I saw it. I became much more aware of my surroundings and developed a deep respect and appreciation for nature. It’s my church… other then music.

I’ve hiked every day but one in the last ten days. Two days, I’ve hiked twice! I’ve gotten insights into my own heart and into habits and pattens that needed unearthing. This wanderlust continues on with more travel to come.

Tomorrow I head back up to Ashland before my trip to Burning Man this year. Then I have no clue where I will go next. Kinda fun, kinda scary…

Last night I sat in with my friends  (W+T)J² at The Two Bird Cafe out in San Geronimo, CA . That’s Wendy Fitz, Tim Bush and friends. It was good to cut loose and sing!

More to come. Thanks for listening

Annie xox

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