So, after days of digging through the chaos of storage, frequenting thrift stores in three states, and crossing things off my detailed check list, I am  ready for a week of self-reliance in the the Black Rock Desert… I am sure there is something that I’m forgetting… Just can’t think of what it is.

Camp Pinkalicious

Annie @ Bohemia Gig

My friend Kia, who was on my spring road trip, will be my camp mate. We are going as simply as possible (lol).

Our camp name is “Pinkalicious” I was inspired by Kia’s 1960′s era surplus parachute that has faded from it’s original red to a pink color. Which we are going to incorporate into our shade structure. She saw an outfit I wore to a burlesque gig and coined the word. I thought why not run with it. Pink is not a favorite color of either of ours, but what the hell, Pinkalicious it is!

So, with a borrowed pink and black leopard furred bike “Purrr Cilla” and the home work of “Paint a star on my belly button and live from there for the week.” It should be an amazing adventure. Black Rock City and Burning Man here we come ready or not!

This will be my fourth time on the playa. It’s been three years since my last visit, and my first time ever going single. Boy, this is suddenly sounding like some sort of confession… A friend asked “I am so interested to hear about your burning man experience. What are you seeking to get out of it?” and I answered “I am interested in inhabiting my entire self – all my aspects – as a integrated, creative, powerful woman. To move and make decisions from my center the entire week. And to seek and find a reconnection to myself through my participation in a epic event. I would love to find kindred souls to have fun with. To be open to extraordinary experiences, and be in bliss!” So that’s it…

I will take pictures, and if appropriate, I’ll tell a tale or two. But, don’t hold your breath! See ya back in this reality after September 7th.

All the best, and thanks for listening,

Annie xox

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  1. love it, annie. wonderful intentions.