I’ve been back from Burning Man for two days, well to be accurate, a day and a half. The Playa has once again left it’s indelible mark on me. I am changed again by the chaos, noise, beauty, creativity, survival and the love of an amazing community.

I diligently did my homework. The star was painted on my belly Tuesday morning by Kia my wonderful camp mate. I listened for the yes that came from there, and found a certain peace in the exercise. Whenever I became conflicted or confused, I dropped down and in, and listened for the yes that would resonate from there. It was an amazing practice, that takes practice.

Hanging out in Pinkalicious

This year for me was all about release (go figure). I planted my flag of surrender on the alkali flats and laid down my story and burden of the last year and a half and started again renewed, refreshed and revitalized. I dreamt amazing dreams in my flapping dusty tent that changed my outlook on life. I met people and saw things that swept me clean. I cycled deliberately through thick veils of white dust that played hide and seek with my sense of direction and vision and came out the other side just where I needed to be.

The Playa is one of those places where manifestation seems to come easy. You think of something you need and it appears. Hot? Someone hands you a shaved ice or a cool wet cloth to wipe your brow. Cold? You get offered furry pants or a funny warm hat. Words of wisdom? There they are, right at your sight line written on a wall of a temple. There are smiles of glorious proportions, tears of great loss and people pogo-ing up and down in sheer joy and happiness. You’re exhausted and run into your friends in the middle of the night and get to camp with them. You also get to ride on their amazing art car! There is art that isn’t lost in the grand landscape, there is music both fine, and horrible. And yes, there are also the assholes camped out next door to remind you that there is always something more to learn, and more to tolerate.

Playa FLowers

Playa FLowers

I decided that I would gift copies of my CD Ignition this year. It was fun to respond from my gut and give it away to strangers that I met in moments, most likely never to be seen again. I loved seeing their reactions. And I hope that they enjoyed listening to it.

Water is for Pussies

I am so glad I went, and so happy that I removed the great weight from my shoulders. I still have no idea where I am headed, but I know that I am loved and cared for, that everything will work it’s self out, and that deep down I am a happy woman. I also know that when the time is right, I will meet an amazing man and have a blast exploring both the inner and outer worlds together.

The last thing I wrote on the temple before it burned was: And the wind will caress me. And the earth will hold me up. And the stars will shine upon me. And I will be filled with love.

Stop and be Thankful

And it’s true. The night of both burns were magical. But the burning of the Temple was both poignant and powerful. Towards the end I stood next to the hot glowing embers surrounded by those I love and it was beautiful. Lucky me. I look forward to next year. Wow, I just typed that, right?

Thanks for listening,

Annie xox

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