I feel like a leaf swept, uplifted and tumbling down my October street, by a soft wind stirred with a twisted ram’s horn, a mix of cornucopia and calliope.

Autumn Heart

I join all the other leaves that have changed into their bright and fluid colors – Our chlorophyll dissipating, leaving behind the ruby reds, fire, and burnt orange, canary and burgundy, tannin and suede. Beauty in transition, and transformation of another sort. We are all going through it – right?

Gilded Goat

I had been waiting for my internal gong to ring out a sound that would give me certainty in my direction. And it happened. I’m left resonating with the desire and pull to replant myself here, and really live where I’m at in this moment, in Ashland, Oregon.

I want. I want to make plans and stick to them. I want to create work that moves me and is in service to my community. I want a home again that I can fill with friends and music and art and parties and food and happiness. I want to write and perform music and poetry. And change people’s lives with design and color. The love I had is now reclaimed and reframed and beautiful to behold. Life has surprised the hell out of me – how cool is that?

It’s good to come to this turning, to this place in my life where I can see possibilities again. Where I can lean into love and see where it leads me. As you know if you’ve been following along, I’ve been through a big personal change cycle, it might have been labeled spin, or tumble. But I think better yet, it could just be labeled good, necessary change and growth.

Yee haaa

I’ve had the image of Slim Pickens as Major T.J.”King” Kong in Dr. Strangelove in my head for the last month or so – him riding that rocket and swinging his cowboy hat around yelling yeehaw, waaa hooo. There is a certain joy in the surrender to whatever the fates have provided, even if it’s in the face of destruction. The flip side in my experience, is that the old is new again, different, challenging, and even beautiful. So many of my dear friends have been going through huge changes too. If I might, and it doesn’t sound too presumptuous, I say congratulations and then surrender – it’s what worked for me. Hang on, it’s one hell of a ride.

And now to what’s next. I am available for interior design, color consults both personal and architectural, and music. Lets talk! You can see some of my design work here -
McIntyre Interiors. My new web page is will be finished soon.

I am teaching design and color classes. You can get a room redone in your house during the hands on class. I am also available to go through your closet with you, and leave behind only the things that you look and feel stunning  in. I can also do your personal colors, this leaves you with a fan deck that is distilled from over 1500 colors and made specifically for you. I can accompany you to the clothing stores of your choice and help you chose perfect outfits for everyday or special occasions. I can teach you to use your fan deck or just help you with choices. I love consignment, thrift and high-end boutiques – your choice, your price line.

I look forward to singing and playing and design and all that my wonderful community and friends have to offer. Lucky me!

Thanks for listening,

Annie xox

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