Okay, so I confess I’m excited. I love the turn of this season, and the unexpected turn of events in my life. Sometimes you just get clear signals and then you’re back in the flow, and life is sweet, succulent and beautiful. Now is one of those times.

7th St interior main house

This last sleepy Sunday afternoon I was walking along with my guy and we spied a house with a for sale sign. Always curious, we checked it out. That led to a call to my mom to come see it, and that led to the Realtor showing it to us, and an offer and then a counter offer and an acceptance and now within 24 hours I’m in contract to buy my next place. Like I said I’m excited!

7th St House

I am also really excited about getting back to the work of design. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to keep making music and writing poetry.  But right now, with the exception of the Mistress Mind book that I am co-writing,  I want to immerse myself into the world of color, texture, light, surfaces, design, organization, staging, de-cluttering, choosing clothing and clearing closets for structures and people.

When my band AnnieMac was running strong I stepped away from this other love of mine. Then, not knowing if I was sticking around the Rogue Valley, I took my hands off the McIntyre Interiors wheel. I want you to know, they are firmly back on. I can’t wait to have fun with transformation of clients homes and wardrobes.

So you will be reading more about color, light, design, texture, and their effects on me, and the design projects I’m working on. I will be doing lots of before, during and after pictures of my own project. My web page for McIntyre Interiors is under construction by Align: Visual Arts and Communication. Jeff Altemus rocks by the way, so if you need any graphic design work, look him up!

I will soon be teaching new McIntyre Interiors classes on:

  • Architectural color and your space
  • Personal color – Relating you to clothing and your home
  • Interior Design – Design fundamentals + hands on learning
  • Recession Proof Design – Long lasting inexpensive solutions & change
  • Surfaces and textures – The where, and why of them
  • Curb Appeal – How to get it for your own home – hands on class
  • Clothing discernment for your style & body – Get it right the first time!
  • And a few other classes I’m dreaming up

Thanks to my wonderful friends Pete and Niki I have all the measurements done for the plans. Today I meet with the City of Ashland, a contractor friend and a draftsman. Forward progress! Like I said at the beginning, I’m excited!

Thanks for listening!

Lots of love,


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