Today’s early morning breeze brought the smell of Daphne and the first hint of wild plum blossoms wafting by. It lifted my spirit to breath in the wild return of Spring. Of warmth returning and life erupting in fragrant bowers… and then came more of the rain and snow. It’s early Spring in the mountains, and mercurial as hell.

Speaking of mercurial, I am weighing out the 7th St house possibilities – finish it and rent out, sell as is, with completed building plans, travel and come back to it. I just don’t know what feels right, or the rightest. My being is suffused with an urge to go. Go somewhere and retreat, relax, rejuvenate, and restore myself.  I easily imagine writing music, reading books, lounging under a warm sun and swimming in a clear sea. Mmmm. So I am mulling over possibilities, dipping my theoretic toes in to differing scenarios and seeing what pulls my internal keel, so to speak.

Meanwhile I have been helping a design client ready her house to sell. I’ve been coordinating plaster, drywall, paint, metal fabrication, master bath renovation, tile, counter tops and cabinets. Choosing color, and surface finishes for all of it. It’s been fun to have a tight deadline and push a lot of work through many stages, with a lot of great guys on different crews. I love the challenge and the pace.

So here’s a toast to change and transformation – slàinte mohair.
I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Peeling off
The rind of this earthbound moment
The sharp sweet tang of spring’s return
Growing to the end
Evidentially and eventually
To be tilled under again, and again

Cycles recycled in light and dark
Death and birth
The vernal promenade
Of those Pleiades etched on velvet
Of tree rings, tides, typhoons and the
Illumination of this night’s full moon

Endings and beginnings
In a Möbius strip
This prayer of constantly releasing
Not taking up more
But, of letting go of my grip
AM – March 19, 2011

Thanks for listening

Annie xo

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