Sharp Turn In The Road

Well I did it, I got behind a decision that feels right and pulled the trigger, The Empress Of 7th St is officially on the market. She is primed and ready to be rebuilt, by someone else. I have felt confused for a long time about the right action. When I bought her, she seemed filled with promise, a home to build and inhabit, a long term rental investment, a project to share. And at first it all worked beautifully. And then it didn’t. And I’ve struggled with being in the flow of it ever since. Getting it though the city was difficult, dealing with a breakup, well, heartbreaking, and then trying to get bids and strategically plan out her resurrection just has been a long slog. I believe the right person will come along and swoop her up and make her a home. I look forward to seeing that happen. It feels good to let her go and lean into the mystery of what’s next for me.

156 7th St House

Right now my whole system craves being in a supportive easy environment where I don’t need to manage any one’s expectations or needs – including my own. I think a while of that will suite me just fine. Notice the evasive time line?

I’ve loved the short term intensive work of readying clients homes for the market. It’s fun to be in and out quickly and transform houses and prospects. I am so happy to be getting work with clients I enjoy so much. I hope to a lot more of it. I love design and music and look forward to being in the place of real receptivity for a new musical project, and eventually a life partner. It’s just not quite yet.

So, here I am in the midst of change, again, or maybe it’s really just a continuum. If you know some one looking for a great investment, pass on the craigslist link above.


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  1. Well said. Maybe there’s a Plan out there, maybe not. I say, ‘Ya’ might as well Jump!’ Keep the faith, never know what’s going to happen next. (I’ll take a closer look next time I’m on 7th St.)