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AnnieMac AnnieMac
quotes & testimonials
“A funky R&B mix with extra-sexy sauce on the side, AnnieMac never fails to ignite new fans and energize the crowd.”
Ashland Daily Tidings (Ashland, Oregon)

“The place is packed, everybody's dancing, the music's exuberant and there's fun happening all over the place.”
Jon Pulis, The Jefferson State Pub (Ashland, Oregon)

“She can belt it out—she's an awesome singer. The place was packed right to the end. When someone can sing like that, man, it sends a chill down your spine.”
—Scott Smith, Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)

AnnieMac delivers “old-school R&B riffs, deep soul and emotion-inspired lyrics…”
Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)

“Accompanied by Crutcher’s player-pianoesque keys, McIntyre brings to her audience a singularly raw and real voice, with emotionally ragged lyrics to match.”
—Jennifer Strange, Tempo (Medford, Oregon)

“Annie’s voice is a surprise and a revelation. Deeply sensual and powerful, tempered by wisdom, wit, and unabashed…love. When she sings, you know, ‘This woman’s been there!’ And she’s fun! ”
—Lisa Loomer, playwright

“Influences ranging from early blues, R&B and Janis Joplin give this band an energy that most bands just talk about.”
—Blues On Lombard (San Francisco, California)

“This lovely vocalist has garnered the attention of many a music fan in the last year with her soulful blues voice. Drawing her inspiration from the likes of Etta James and Koko Taylor, Annie McIntyre and her band is a real crowd pleaser.”
—New George’s (San Rafael, California)

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